Getddl 0.5.1 Released

This is not the release I meant to announce. I was going to mention that we released 0.5 of getddl[1] a couple days ago, but it got pushed to the back burner, and I ended up fixing a bug before I ever got back to it. :-) So, what’s changed? Version 0.5 added support for overloaded functions (same function with different number of arguments, or different argument datatypes). Previously these functions would just overwrite each other, so you never knew which version of the function you would get. Now, if we have multiple versions of the function, they are dumped into a single file for all version. The bugfix? Those functions need to be dumped deterministically, to avoid svn churn. That version is 0.5.1 :-) Incidentally, since we don’t do a lot of formal release announcements, I wanted to mention you can get an rss feed of changes from our subversion repo, just be aware that is for all projects under the pgsoltools label (don’t worry though, the traffic isn’t excessive). [1] getddl is a perl based utility script for monitoring schema volatility in postgres databases. For more information, please see the documentation on the pgsoltools project site.