What's to See in Postgres 9.3 Slide Deck

Last week I gave a version of my “Postgres 9.3” talk at PGCon. The talk covers a number of new features that are planned for the upcoming version of Postgres. A lot of people had asked for a copy of the slides, but I’ve not found a good way to generate pdf’s from the service I used to make the slides, so hopefully an online link will work for now. Postgres 9.3, via slid.es.

Note: The slides are laid out in a grid, so when browsing the slides, scroll down in each “section” until you get to the bottom, then scroll to the side to go to the top of the next section.

PS. If you are working for slid.es, this is something you really should add in the pro version of your tool.

PPS. If you’d be interested in having me present this talk at your local meetup, please send me an email.