And Away We Go

Howdy folks. I’m currently in Salt Lake City, the first of many weeks of out of town travel coming up. OK, technically that started last week, when Denish and I traveled up to New York City, but that was by train, which is way more pleasent than air travel. Anyway I’ll be in SLC the next couple days, working with a customer to assess their current and future architecture and discuss ways to help them improve thier operations and developement processes.

Next week I’ll be heading to North Carolina to speak at the All Things Open conference. While there I’ll be stopping by the Triangle PUG, for a re-launch / kick-off get together. While I haven’t been to the RDU area for several years, I do know several people in the area so hopefully it will give me a chance to catch up some some old friends.

After that I’ll be headed to Dublin, Ireland, where I am speaking at PGConf.EU. While I have spoken in Europe & Russia several times, it will be my first Postgres conference there, so hopefully I’ll be able to cross paths with a number of the European community members who haven’t had the opportunity to make it to Canada. From there I head to Oberhaoussen, Germany, to talk at PGConf.DE. I’ve not been to Germany since I was a kid, so while I am bummed that I am missing out on Octoberfest, hopefully it will be a good time.

Wrapping all that up I’ll be heading to London to speak at Velocity EU, giving the talk I previewed at this months DevOpsDC meeting on “Less Alarming Alerts”. I really enjoyed Velocity EU and I’m happy to be heading back this year.

OmniTI has been doing quite a bit more business in Europe over the past year, so during my travels I’m planning to do a couple of client visits and meeting up with various friends and my newest co-worker Vasilis. If you’re planning to be at any of these events I hope you’ll stop and say hi.